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At Saint Peter’s Prep, it is important that a well-rounded program be offered to each student. Prep strongly supports and encourages students to pursue their artistic goals as well as to foster the creative growth of its student body. Therefore at Prep, there is an opportunity at every class level to explore the  arts.  The arts program also offers trips to museums/galleries in NYC while cultivating an awareness of the vibrant arts culture right here in Jersey City.

This program is taught by professional artists who are active in their careers.  Please visit their Prep faculty sites for more information and student work.






                      Welcome to the  Fine and Performing Arts Department of Saint Peter's Prep.

The Visual Arts

MS. MEGAN KLIM Chair, Visual and Performing Arts, Visual Arts Educator .

Courses: Freshman Introduction to Art, Sophomore Art: Beginning Processes, Drawing and Composition 1 & 2, Painting, Advanced Portfolio Preparation

Ms. Klim received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI.  She  is a practicing artist and maintains a studio in Jersey City, NJ.  Ms. Klim

has exhibited widely in NYC, NJ, MI, PA, FL.  To see her work visit 


MR. PATRICK McCOY Visual Arts Educator

Courses: Freshman Introduction to Art, Sophomore Art: Beginning Processes, Design + Color I , Architecture,  Sculpture 

Mr. McCoy has a BFA from William Paterson University

To see his work visit


MS. KAITYLN GIROUX  Language Arts Instructor  Courses: Creative Writing1: Forms of Expression, Short Story Writing, Screenwriting and Playwriting

The Performing Arts
MR. STEVE CASLOWITZ  Concert and Jazz Band, Director
Courses: Introduction to Music, Sound Design: Electronic Music, Independent Study 
MS. EMILY FENCIK Vox, Director
Courses: Introduction to Music, Songwriting, Vocal Technique/Chorus, Independent Study
Ms. Fencik is a musician who studied at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro from 2002-2007. She has a Bachelors Degree in Instrumental and Vocal Music. 
MR.  ADAM BOULEY Musical Play,  Director
Courses: Theatre and Acting 1 & 2

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